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Poetry Chapbook Contest w/ $200 prize + 25 copies – DEADLINE: Nov. 15, 2015

This contest slides in just at my $5 fee rule for low/no fee opportunities. The winner takes home up $200 plus 25 copies of their winning chapbook. This contest is sponsored by the up and coming online lit mag Yellow Chair Review and the judge is a fine poet and friend of poets, Kai Coggin. From Yellow Chair’s Home page:

The staff at Yellow Chair Review wants work that seizes life. Work that is deep down in your guts. Work that makes you churn and makes you ache. Work that makes you know that you’re alive. . . . We are a non-paying market (we’re volunteers and we don’t make anything either) but we are committed to promoting and getting our contributors words out to the world.  Words are powerful and we want to see you use them. 



Why is this a great chapbook contest?

  • Super fast turnaround time (finalists announced 12/15/15, winner announced 1/30/16, publication by 3/1/16)
  • Low entry fee of $5 is next to nothing compared to some contests which typically require $10 – $40 to enter
  • The prize is inline with contest that often charge a much higher entry fee, $200 cash + 25 copies is excellent
  • Yellow Chair Review may not have the capital to pay their writers upon acceptance, but they are “committed to promoting and getting our contributors words out to the world.” Some competitions do little promotion.

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Click here to read contest guidelines and submit.

DEADLINE: November 15, 2015 

PRIZES: $200 cash, plus 25 copies of the winning chapbook

FORMS: Poetry

NOTES: 18 – 36 pages of poetry only

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