China Doll, poem by Trish Hopkinson (ME, DURING THE HOLIDAYS Poetry and Prose Series)

So honored to have a second poem published online today! This is such a great series and such a supportive lit mag. Please consider spending some time with Silver Birch Press today.

Silver Birch Press

Hopkinson_Me and my brother circa 1970sChina Doll
by Trish Hopkinson

She was stunning.
I carefully tore away
the last bit of decorated paper.

Her white ceramic face and delicate
handpainted expression seemed to nod at me
as if to say, I’m yours to treasure.

She was secondhand, like the rest,
but to me, she was new.
I had never owned anything
so fragile.

My parents were new to this town,
but not new to struggle. The local church
pitched in, sent them gift shopping at the Goodwill
free of charge.

What a grand Christmas!

We knew there was no Santa, no elves,
but a random knock on the door
meant our first live Christmas tree
and a box full of California oranges.

My eyes went Shirley Temple wide that Christmas morning,
and I knew, this time, this town, would be different,
felt like home.

PHOTO: The author and her brother, circa 1970s.

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