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Gravitational Pull–a poem and prompt to write about the moon

moonRob Carney shares some of his most memorable moments with the moon in his December blog post for his series Old Roads, New Stories: A Blog Series on Terrain.org. The blog posts are short and full of writing inspiration. This post provides a great example of how to attend to the details that can inspire an active writing life.

Click here to read “Gravitational Pull” by Rob Carney

And don’t miss Carney’s poem “There’s Still So Much to Learn About the Moon” included in this post.

Try your hand at a similar poem or story and use the moon you remember most as a metaphor for what was happening in your life around the same time. Add the turn at the end. Choose poetry or prose or whatever form delights you. Then share a link to your own blog post in the comments below.

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Rob Carney’s fourth book 88 Maps was just released by Lost Horse Press (distribution by University of Washington Press). Other books and chapbooks include Story Problems and Weather Report, from Somondoco Press. You can also read his poetry in Terrain.org: 4th Annual Contest Winner and Issue 30. And listen to a new radio interview with Rob Carney.

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  1. Mother Sister Moon

    She trawls the taut waters, all snake-eyed charm,
    till her quick tongue flickers and darts;
    flashes its silver through the pond-weed dark
    as a minnow on hook bites home.

    See her pale brow curve and the starlight gleam
    in the chaos of her mole-black eye;
    hear her mouth move mountains, stir up dreams,
    and her moth breath flies them free.

    Where she walks aloof the flecked tide turns
    and the salt sand suckles her white toes;
    wolf-like, in her wake, pads her slender-nosed
    hound whose six eyes dance and burn.

    Now she sings the midnight to her fishy friends
    where the narrow nets slice deep. But the foreshore,
    is home to her clear-eyed crab whose great claw
    calls the stars where she commands.

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  2. Ok here we go…

    A great a mystery as the
    closest heart embraced…
    The Moon; the human heart of space.
    Its scars, breaks and holes some light shapes;
    like the mourn and aches our rolled sleeves shake.
    Whole moon, half -moon, no moon tonight;
    A mirror of hearts in hiding or sight.
    Whole heart, half-heart, no heart, thats life;
    A moon in the dark yet half is bright.

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