Call for Submissions

NO FEE/REPRINTS – Submission call + editor interview for Thank You for Swallowing, DEADLINE: Always Open

tyfsThank You for Swallowing is a fairly new online lit mag described as a “protest in poems.”

“Poetry is a form of protest. So let this be another one, in the spirit of Against Rape, in the spirit of Catechism, in the spirit of Binders Full of Women’s Poems: if you’re done sucking it up, submit your poems.

There are only two requirements: your poem must be good, and it must challenge the preconceived notions that hurt all of us, of every colour, gender, sexuality, age, religion, nationality and shape.”

catEditor and founder Cathleen Allyn Conway is featured on The Fem in an interview this week. She candidly answers questions regarding the origins of Thank You for Swallowing, its purpose in protest, and the connection to feminist issues.

Read the interview here.

Read their submission guidelines here.

Make sure to read some of the poems already published to get a feel for what types/styles of poems they publish, including my found poem, Breast-giver, published last October.



FORMS:  Poetry and Art

NOTES: Submissions are accepted via email only. Previously published work is ok.



For more submission tips, click here.

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