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10 Amazing Independent Online Literary Magazines (you should definitely read and submit to!)

Thrilled to see some of my favorite online lit mags included in this article by Jocelyn Mosman in The List on Feb 16, 2016; along with some new ones I can’t wait to check out! Some of my favorites included in the list are Muzzle, The Offing, Silver Birch Press, Voicemail Poems, and Yellow Chair Review which slid in at the number one spot. Several are currently open for submissions.

Check them out, read past issues, and then send off your best work that meets their submission guidelines. The really nice thing about submitting to lit mags that make lists like these, is that you know they have a decent readership. Your poems won’t just be sitting on some web page out in cyberspace, collecting dust. As Jocelyn says, “Give thanks to your favorite editors, publishers, magazines, and journals. Show them some love this February!”

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  1. Thank you, Trish! A great list, and one which I will be using in the next few days! I would add Caliban Online to that list. It is a very beautiful and highly respected online journal with an established international following. I think the first print Caliban journal came out in 1987. The publisher, Larry Smith loves avant garde/surreal writing and art and happily publishes any writer he likes, regardless of experience and reputation.

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