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Kore Press supports women writers + new poetry & contest deadlines in April!

koreIf you identify as female and are a poet or writer, make sure to spend some time on Kore Press' web site!

Kore Press believes that "publishing women is social justice work." They have been publishing women poets and writers since 1993 and are passionate about the work they are doing. As a non-profit press, they run contests annually to allow them to publish more women writers and this business model has kept them going for over 20 years. Without the contests and their sustaining members' donations, they wouldn't be able to support as many women writers as they do. They also offer a few scholarships when they can to help subsidize the contest entry fees.

Kore Press produces professional books and really works to promote their authors. They recently released four new books by women writers, including handholding: 5 kinds by Tracie Morris, Pomegranate Eater by Amaranth Borsuk, Giraffes of Devotion by Sarah Mangold, and Encyclopédie of the Common & Encompassing by Allison Campbell. You can order/pre-order these books on their home page in the far right column under New Titles.

They have a few contests running right now with deadlines this month and literary rock stars as judges. Contests are a great way for emerging poets and writers to publish and many presses are doing great work to support underrepresented writers. These contests do have reading fees (which are reasonable for book-length contests), but also have substantial prizes! Kore Press is transparent about how the funds are used and they follow CLMP Ethical Guidelines.

Kore contests are open to any female-identified individual writing in English, regardless of nationality.

2016 Short Fiction Award

Judge: Edwidge Danticat

Deadline: April 10, 2016

Entry Fee: $20

Prize: $1250 prize plus chapbook and e-publication

2016 Annual Memoir Award

Judge: Lidia Yuknavitch

Deadline: April 14, 2016

Entry Fee: $25

Prize: $1000 prize plus publication

2016 First Poetry Book Award

Judge: Robin Coste Lewis

Deadline: April 30, 2016

Entry Fee: $28

Prize: $1500 prize plus publication

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    • The majority of what I post is no fee or very low fee, but there are some amazing presses doing incredible things for minorities, Kore Press is one of those. They also do offer scholarships for reading fees, might be worth checking into!

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