National Poetry Month begins today! #NaPoMo–Here’s a list of ways you can participate . . .

So many amazing ways to celebrate poetry this month! If you missed this post from April 1, don’t worry–there’s still time to participate!

Trish Hopkinson

napomo16You can “start off your celebration by reading a selection of poems featured on this year’s National Poetry Month poster,” via Poets.org.

 “A Nameless One” by Margaret Avison
Relax” by Ellen Bass
Design” by Billy Collins
Stuff I probably did and didn’t” by Stephanie Gray
The Act of Counting” by Nathalie Handal
And I in My Bed Again” by Hilda Morley
Gabriel” by Adrienne Rich
My Father in the Night Commanding No” by Louis Simpson
Center of the World” by Safiya Sinclair

It’s not too late to make a plan for poetry month! Whether you want to sign up to write a poem a day or unofficially just plan to crank out some poetry in April, there are plenty of prompts and resources to keep you going strong all month. And that’s…

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