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3 poems, a prompt + submission call–, DEADLINE: May 30, 2016

3poemsRob Carney treats us to three poems (with audio!) for his guest blog post up at this month. Previous posts are full of great ideas to get you writing and what’s more inspiring than poems during National Poetry Month! You can view all his blog posts here.

Response poetry is one of my favorite things to read or write. Use the themes, form, or structure of one of Carney’s poems in response–you can answer a question he poses, ask him a question, borrow one of his lines as a title or first line, etc. Just make sure to give credit if you do.

PROMPT: Write a response poem.

Here’s an example. My poem “My Monkey Grammarian” was written in response to Octavio Paz’s book The Monkey Grammarian. It was originally published by Chameleon Press in their print anthology Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz.

My Monkey Grammarian

This search, this verbal trap of dread
and the ending unknown.

Is this path the poem--the journey
that dissolves into nothingness?

Is there anything after this narrow trail
of howling trees and screaming monkeys?

Is their rhetoric leading us
to nothing but language?

We are both fleeing and falling like footsteps,
devoured and created like fruit,

precarious and perfect like gravity,
like Galta abandoned.

We are driven by our own ceremonies,
by whirling words and dervish skeletons.

Our linguistic corruption stretches out
to the horizon and curves into the atmosphere,

a maze made of metaphors, stuffed in sacks
and piled in rows. Discourse itself, leaps

back and forth, and grammar leans in
to critique the universe

while the shadow of Splendor recites verse
more naked than herself. Her expressions

float into the evening like incense
from an altar in search of the end. is a beautiful online “Journal of the Built + Natural Environments.” They publish a broad variety of writers and genres, including poetry, nonfiction, fiction, interviews, reviews, and blog posts. Not only is this online journal a great read, but once you’ve become familiar, consider submitting your own work. Regular submissions are open until May 30, 2016 with no fee to submit. They also run a contest year-round.

Click here for’s submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: May 30, 2016


FORMS:  poetry, essays, fiction, articles, artwork, videos, and other contributions


For more info on how to submit your work to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

Rob Carney's fourth book 88 Maps was just released by Lost Horse Press (distribution by University of Washington Press). Read the detailed review by Julie Marie Wade on The Rumpus here. Other books and chapbooks include Story Problems and Weather Report, from Somondoco Press. You can also read his poetry in 4th Annual Contest Winner and Issue 30. And listen to a new radio interview with Rob Carney.

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