The Fem has a blog!

Want to get published while supporting an awesome feminist lit mag? The Fem is now taking articles for their new blog! Send them your pitch or finished article…


And we want YOU to submit your work.

What we’re looking for:

  • Rants, thoughts, arguments, critiques, analyses, etc.
  • Responses to published pieces – example, you read a poem about a queer affair between two women married to men, and it made you think about book/story X, which you’re connecting to this personal experience you had
  • Lists/listicles – example, 5 poems you’d really like if you liked poem X, artists you will love if you love empowered black female characters in lit, etc.
  • Fun, humorous, light-hearted pieces (because, yes, feminists have a sense of humor)


  • Pop culture
  • Diversity in lit
  • The lit world
  • Feminist issues + issues of diversity and inclusivity
  • Art
  • Really anything that fits into our philosophy

How to submit blog posts

Submit finished pieces or pitches to thefemlitmag(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Include a third person bio with your email and social media links. Subject line: BLOG POST, name. Note if time…

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Categories: Poetry

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