Presses with Open Readings for Full-Length Poetry Manuscripts

This is the mother of all poetry book presses with open readings! Note, some of these do have reading fees and submission fees. But if you are shopping for a poetry book publisher, this gives you plenty to research so you can choose those that are a good fit for your book and for your goals as a poet. Special thanks to Tom Holmes for compiling this list! Also, don’t miss the links to his other lists for poetry contests in his description at the top.

The Line Break

In the past, I have created such lists as all the Small, Independent, and University Press Poetry Book Publishers (which was up-to-date as of 3-6-10 with 687 presses) and all the Journals with “Review” in Their Title, Who Accept Poetry, and Who Have a Website (which was up-to-date as of 2-29-12 with 344 journals.) The first lists I made were Poetry Book Contests with Spring & Summer DeadlinesPoetry Book Contests with Fall & Winter Deadlines (scroll down), and Poetry Chapbook Contests (scroll down).

Now, it’s time to start a new list, and I’ll keep it here and I’ll update it as I can. Currently, these are the only ones I remember or that other kind people have reminded me of. The list will grow, and if you know of any open readings, please note them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list…

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    • If you scroll to the bottom of the list you can see it’s been updated several times this year and most recently on June 2, 2016. But it is WAY at the bottom :).

      Ultimate update: 6-2-16 added Brain Mill Press to June.
      Penultimate update: 4-26-16 added Barefoot Muse Press to April.
      Antepenultimate update: 3-31-16 added Airlie Press to March, April, May, and June. Updated the Milkweed listings, as they are temporarily closed to submissions.
      Preantepenultimate update: 3-16-16: Added University Press of Kentucky: New Poetry and Prose Series t0 March, April, and May.


  1. Thanks for reposting this! it is a good place to start–but it is true it is a bit out of date. Many of the presses on the list no long accept unsolicited submissions or have changed their policies in various ways. Lots of the links don’t go through to the submission pages anymore for that reason. But the new submission info is on the presses websites–so just requires a bit of research!

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    • Thanks for mentioning that. Yes, just a place to start. I know from experience that keeping lists like this current is a TON of work! Tom did a great job gathering the info originally and has been adding to it. Auditing the whole thing would take a loooong time :).


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