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PAYING/NO FEE Ladies Night! Submission call and interview - Outlook Springs, DEADLINE: June 27, 2016

Earlier this year I interviewed Andrew Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Outlook Springs about their first “Ladies Night” submission call with an opportunity specifically for women poets and writers to send their work direct to the editors. The interview (updated) and submission information is below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submit just one genre at a time (poetry, fiction, or non-fiction). Once you hear back from that genre/submission, you can submit to another.


Andrew, tell me a little bit about Outlook Springs.

We’re a biannual print-and-online journal published in the quiet little town of Outlook Springs, New Hampshire, which also happens to be located in an alternate universe. The magazine itself, Outlook Springs, features exciting new and established voices in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. However, because this is published in a small, otherworldly dimension, we also include in each issue: coupons to the hot spots around town, movies that are only featured at the Film-O-Plex (OS’s one and only movie theater!), movies like “Moon Tuba” and “Cupboard Shark,” obituaries, police logs, letters to the editors, etc. The stuff you might find in any small town journal or newspaper except, well, weirder. (Sort of like Welcome to Night Vale meets Tin House meets those “Stuff to Do in Our Town!” magazines you might find in a gas station.)

What spawned the idea for the "Ladies Night" submission call?

Spearheaded by one of our brilliant editors, Emily Lackey, the Ladies Night was a result of us taking a hard look at our submissions and realizing we weren’t doing enough to reach women writers. (Almost 70% of submissions were written by men.) We wanted to be more proactive in our attempts, and so the Straight-to-An-Editor’s Email approach seemed like a great avenue. You can read Emily's original Ladies Night blog post here.

How do ladies submit?

Until June 27, writers who identify as women can submit their work directly to the following email addresses:




IMPORTANT NOTE: Submit just one genre at a time (poetry, fiction, or non-fiction). Once you hear back from that genre/submission, you can submit to another.

What type of work is Outlook Springs is looking for?

For poetry, we have a keen interest in finding poets who haven’t found their way into larger publications. We’re excited by voice and confidence in language, by poets who know how to control propulsion and energy both visually and sonically. (Emphasis less on “what’s being said” rather than “how it’s being said.”).

For fiction, we want stories in which the writer takes risks, both in narrative and in style with lots of attention to language at the sentence level. Our tastes are wide-ranging–minimalism, quiet “literary” stories, magical realism, experimental, slipstream, etc.–so long as the emphasis is on character and language rather than the cleverness of the conceit/plot.

In terms of non-fiction, our concerns are very similar to fiction. Whether it’s an experimental piece or a more standard linear narrative, we want to be excited about language, character, and voice.

What are some of your favorite journals?

Tin House, McSweeney’s, Conjunctions, One Story, Crazyhorse, The Kenyon Review, Boulevard, Willow Springs…(the list goes on and on and on!)

Where can writers send regular submissions?

Here is a link to our Submittable page:

DEADLINE: July 15, 2016


FORMS: poetry, fiction, nonfiction

PAYMENT: "For fiction and non-fiction, contributors will be paid $25 in addition to a contributor’s copy. Poets will be paid $10 per poem in addition to one contributor’s copy total."

If someone has a question, how can they contact you?

We are on Facebook and Twitter or feel free to email us at

Andrew Mitchell lives in Dover, New Hampshire. His short stories have appeared in print or online at The Saturday Evening Post, Tin House, The Emerson Review, and elsewhere, and he was the 2014 recipient of the Thomas Williams Memorial Prize for fiction. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Outlook Springs, a magazine he founded with his friends, and you can follow him on Twitter at: @andrewrmitchell.

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