Journals That Accept Long Poems

Excellent list of lit mags/journals that accept long poems of three pages or more from fellow poet and friend Tom Holmes over at The Line Break blog. He’s got some great resources… definitely check out his site! Note, some of these may require submission fees, as always, read guidelines carefully before submitting.

The Line Break

Here is yet another list for poets, since it’s so difficult to find journals that accept long poems (three pages or longer). I will update this as I can. Each journal name is also a link to the submission page.

If you know of journals that accept long poems, please leave a note in the comments section, and I’ll add it. Thanks. //

Journal Journal MediumSubmission TypeSimultaneous Submission: Yes/No
The Adroit JournalOnlineElectronicYes
Alaska Quarterly ReviewPrintMailYes
The American Journal of PoetryOnlineMailYes
Angle Journal of Poetry in EnglishOnlineElectronicYes
Arroyo Literary ReviewPrintMailYes
Artful DodgePrintMailYes
At LengthOnlineElectronicYes (Not verified)
Beloit Poetry JournalPrintMail and ElectronicNo
Birmingham Poetry ReviewPrintMailYes
Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the artsOnlineMail or ElectronicYes
Bloodstone ReviewOnlineElectronicYes

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