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My review of Nicole Rollender’s ‘Louder Than Everything You Love’ published by Yellow Chair Press + their free weekly poetry contest!

rollenderMy review of Louder Than Everything You Love by Nicole Rollender just went up on Yellow Chair Review!

“Rollender brings us in close, provides visions and imagery so full and real I came to know these women, stood in their kitchens, felt their ghosts drift across my bones. There's both a darkness and a warmth in how the poems are presented--this is yet another ELJ masterpiece.”

If you’re interested in writing reviews, browse through some of the reviews on their Reviews/Articles page to get a feel for how they are written. Also, many presses/authors will provide a review copy for free.

If you aren’t familiar with Yellow Chair Review, set aside an hour or two with a glass of your favorite adult beverage and check out the variety of talented writers they publish.

Louder Than Everything You Love is a poetry book published by ELJ Publications. Here’s a little more from my review:

Rollender's first book of poems reads with lifetimes of experience, passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, forever continuing through the heritage of women's bodies and bones. The book itself seems a metaphor worthy of holding the poems to its skeletal structure--each page turns like a joint in a socket, connected to a sturdy spine, the cover struggling to keep it all in.

Read my complete review here:

Review: Louder Than Everything You Love by Nicole Rollender

Also, Yellow Chair Review runs a weekly poetry challenge entitled “Rock the Chair” where poets can submit one poem each week “to compete against others for space on Yellow Chair Review’s blog.” Turnaround time is super quick, they’ll get back to you the next day!

Click here to submit to Rock the Chair

DEADLINE: Every Friday night by midnight (CST)


FORMS: poetry only

PRIZE: "The winning poem will receive $5 paid via paypal."

NOTES: No simultaneous submissions, wait six months to submit again once you’ve won.

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