Land Bound, poem by Trish Hopkinson (BEACH AND POOL MEMORIES Poetry and Prose Series)

So pleased to have this little poem published in Silver Birch Press today…

Silver Birch Press

hopkinson_child_image1Land Bound
by Trish Hopkinson

Fingers flutter through water
supporting torso weight
while treading feet to stay

lake-top in Missouri sun.
It’s been a good day.
A small white card displays my name

in crude print, the letters’ ends
float above the line in some spots
and jut beneath in others.

The Red Cross emblem in the corner
depicts my accomplishment.
Level two down, many more to go.

My proud gangly limbs relax
into wet thickness and my eyes
close to silver reflection.

When opened calmly, mine
meet the lidless emptiness
of a blue gill’s stare. Startled,

I escape, land bound like the air
breathing creature I must be.

PHOTO: The author in a grammar school photo.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: True story! It took me a while to get back into the lake after meeting the stare of what was probably a four-inch long blue gill.

hopkinsonABOUT THE AUTHOR: Trish…

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  1. I always enjoy your pieces on childhood. Have you submited the one where you had your face pressed against the screen door, I think it was during a storm and maybe the family moving to grandma’s. It could be different pieces, my memory of the stories on “Thoughts” tend to run together. 😜

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