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Poet of the Week along with M. Brett Gaffney, Helen Townsend on Poetry Super Highway

Click the image below to read two of my poems, “Wouldn't a flyswatter be easier” and “South Side,” along with excellent work from fellow poetry contest judges M. Brett Gaffney and Helen Townsend on Poetry Super Highway. Watch for my official announcement of the Poetry Super Highway poetry contest later this week!

Poetry Super Highway features a couple of poets every week in their Poet of the Week on their main web site. If you’d like to be featured, click here for their submission guidelines.


Also, don’t miss out on their LIVE monthly open mic event. The next one is Sunday, August 15 at 3pm PST. You can also listen to past episodes to get a feel for the event. For this month’s you can listen in to the conversation with the 2016 Poetry Contest Judges (including yours truly) to learn what they look for when they are scoring your contest entry poems. They will share valuable insights and read some of their own work as well as work that they enjoy. Moderated by Poetry Super Highway's Rick Lupert. If time, you'll have the chance to call in to pose question to the judges. (What other poetry contest gives you this kind of access to the contest judges?)

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