Call for submissions: ME, IN A HAT Poetry and Prose Series

The next Silver Birch Press prompt and series! Send in your poems/short prose about yourself in a hat. Love the ideas they come up with for these.

Silver Birch Press


Think of a time when you had to wear a hat — in church, during graduation, on a winter day, at a wedding, on the beach, at a baseball game, while cooking or gardening, on a date, at a rodeo, while fishing or golfing, while dressed as Santa Claus — and write a poem or prose piece about yourself in the particular hat. In the piece, you could reflect  on how the hat makes you look and feel, or the occasion where/when you wore the hat. You can also write about a favorite hat — in this case, tell us how you obtained the hat and why you love it. Yes, we are talking about actual hats — and not the metaphorical multitude of hats we all wear. If you have a photo of yourself in the hat, great — but, if you don’t, send an image of the hat…

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