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What is "previously published" and where can I submit reprints?

The article “What Is Considered Previously Published Writing?” on Writer’s Relief does a great job explaining all the nuances of determining if your work should be considered previously published. For example, is the original publisher still online? Is the issue out of print? Do blogs and social networking posts count?
Many literary magazines and journals will state clearly what they consider previously published in their submission guidelines, but not all do. If you are unsure, send a quick email and ask the editor before submitting.
Also, make sure you still retain rights to the work before submitting it as a reprint to another publication. For more info on the different types of copyrights commonly used, see Copyright Information for Writers on Poets&Writers website.
Okay, now you’ve done your homework… time to submit.

If you have poetry or other writing which has been previously published, but the readership was low or perhaps it was only in print and not online, you may want to submit it to literary magazines and journals that accept work as a reprint.
There are two lists below. The first is a detailed list of 7 lit mags who accept reprints. I selected these 7 because they are markets I am familiar with and have most likely previously submitted to myself or read on a regular basis. The second list is from Duotrope and includes over 200 poetry markets identified as accepting reprints in their database. I’ve also filtered the list to those that take online submissions and do not charge fees. Read the guidelines carefully. Some may only take reprints if solicited, others may have changed their guidelines since originally listed with Duotrope.
For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here.

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Detailed list of 7 markets


DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines each quarter, due the 15th of the previous month
NOTES: "We accept simultaneous submissions and will consider previously published work, however preference will be given to unpublished material. Please include all publication information where applicable."
FORMS: poetry, flash fiction, and flash nonfiction


DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines
NOTES: Themed submission calls
FORMS: visual and audio art, poetry, literature, as well as essays, non-fiction, screenplays, collaborations and even letters home

East Coast Review

DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines
NOTES: "Previously published work is acceptable, just let us know where it was originally published."
FORMS: poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, and art

Literary Mama

DEADLINE: Always open
NOTES: They will consider reprints if the work is not currently available online. They publish "literary writing about the many faces of motherhood. Since 2003, we have featured poetry, fiction, columns, and creative non-fiction that may be too raw, too irreverent, too ironic, or too body-conscious for traditional or commercial motherhood publications."
FORMS: poetry, fiction, columns, and creative non-fiction

Poetry Super Highway

DEADLINE: Always open
NOTES: Poetry Super Highway features a couple of poets every week in their Poet of the Week on their main web site and only publishes previously published poetry when it isn’t currently published on the web, in other words, it can only be previously published in print.
FORMS: poetry

Silver Birch Press

DEADLINE: Rolling deadlines
NOTES: They have accepted found poetry and reprints of my work in the past and are great to work with.
FORMS: poetry, flash fiction
DUOTROPE: Search for their themed submission calls separately on Duotrope

The Fem

DEADLINE: Submissions are rolling - always free, always open
NOTES: "We review works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art. We encourage thought-provoking works that highlight the personal experiences of women, LGBTQIA individuals, people of color, people with disabilities, etc. We also encourage experimental pieces that mix genres and show us something new with structure - if it mixes genres, don't stress -  we'll figure out where to place it."
FORMS:  poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art

The rest of the list

IMPORTANT: Read guidelines carefully! Some of these markets may not be accepting submissions currently, may charge fees for some projects, may only accept reprints when solicited or if the work is not currently available online, etc. Happy submitting!
7×20 (Seven By Twenty)
Amaryllis [Poetry Swindon]
American Aesthetic Sonnet Competition, The [The American Aesthetic]
American Aesthetic, The
Ancient Paths Online [Ancient Paths]
Annapurna Magazine [Red Dashboard]
Anomaly Literary Journal
asinine poetry
Assaracus [Sibling Rivalry Press]
Autumn Sky Poetry Daily
Avatar Review
Bark, The
Beakful | Becquée [mgv2>publishing]
Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company
Beechwood Review
Better Than Starbucks! FLEDGLING
Bewildering Stories
Blood and Roses: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Aphrodite [Bibliotheca Alexandrina]
Bombay Literary Magazine, The
Bond Street Review, The [Ink Publications]
Boston Poetry Magazine
Breakroom Stories, The [Iridum Sound]
Breath & Shadow
Burningword Literary Journal
Cadaverine Magazine
Canary [Hip Pocket Press]
Carcinogenic Poetry [Virgogray Press]
Carillon Magazine
Carrier Pigeon
Cascadia Review
Cats With Thumbs [Raging Aardvark Publishing]
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Chantarelle’s Notebook
Children, Churches and Daddies [Scars Publications]
Cicada [Cricket Media]
Clockwise Cat
Columbia Journal Online [Columbia Journal]
Conflict of Interest
Contemporary American Voices
contemporary haibun online
Copperfield Review, The [Copperfield Press]
Corvus Review
Creative Colloquy: A Literary Site
Cricket Online Review
CSPS Poetry Letter, The [California State Poetry Society]
Danse Macabre
Down in the Dirt [Scars Publications]
drylandlit_press / L.A. LIT EDITION
Eagle Wings Press Anthologies
East Jasmine Review
Easy Street [The Lascaux Review]
Ekphrastic: writing and art on art and writing
Eskimo Pie
ETC: A Review of General Semantics
Eunoia Review
ExFic [Portent Press]
Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu
Fear of Monkeys, The
Fem, The
Feminist Wire, The
Firefly Magazine
Font, The
Former People: A Journal of Bangs and Whimpers
Front Porch Review
Future Fire, The
Germ Magazine
Ghazal Page, The
Ginosko Literary Journal
Gobshite Quarterly
Grasslimb Journal
Great American Poetry Show, The
Ground: poetry faith and doubt
Haggard & Halloo
Halcyon Days
Heart & Mind Zine NEW!
Hektoen International
HIV Here & Now Anthology [Indolent Press]
Hypertrophic Literary [Hypertrophic Press]
Ink Sweat & Tears
Inlandia: A Literary Journey
Jeanette Cheezum’s cavalcadeofstars
Jewish Literary Journal, The
Killing the Buddha
Labletter Monthly Notes Series, The [The Labletter]
Ladybug [Cricket Media]
Lake, The
Lambda Literary Review [Lambda Literary]
Lascaux Review, The
Least Bittern Books
Legendary, The
Legends [Grey Wolfe Publishing]
Lighten Up Online
Linnet’s Wings, The
Loch Raven Review
Lockjaw Magazine
Long Story Short
Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, The [Deep Sett Press]
Manic D Press
Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry [Measure Press]
mediterranean poetry
Metaphor Magazine
Michigan Poet, The
Missing Slate, The
Mithila Review
Moledro Magazine FLEDGLING
Mulberry Fork Review
Mystic Illuminations
No Extra Words
NonBinary Review [Zoetic Press]
Nutshells and Nuggets
Oneiric Moor, The
Open Palm Print
Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology, The
Our Day’s Encounter
Pantheon Magazine
Petite Hound Press
Phenomenal Literature
Phoenix Soul, The
Piker Press, The
Pink. Girl. Ink. Press
Poeming Pigeon: A Literary Journal of Poetry, The [The Poetry Box]
Poetic Medicine
Poetry Is Dead
Poetry of Capital, The FLEDGLING
Poetry Pacific
Poetry Studio
Poetry Super Highway
PULP Literature
Quiet Courage, A
Random Sample
Randomly Accessed Poetics [Penhead Press]
Reality Institute, The
Red Fez
Resource Publications [Wipf & Stock Publishers]
Rising Phoenix Review, The [Rising Phoenix Press]
River Poets Journal
Rufous City Review
Schlock Magazine
Schuylkill Valley Journal, The
Section 8 Magazine
Shine Journal: The Light Left Behind, The
Shining Rock Poetry Anthology
Sick Lit Magazine
Skidrow Penthouse
Skinny Poetry Journal, The
Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis
Spirit Fire Review [Indiana Voice Journal] FLEDGLING
Starving Artist, The
Stepping Stones Magazine
Still Point Arts Quarterly
Straight Forward: A Poetry Journal
Stray Branch, The
Summerset Review, The
Survivor’s Review
Synesthesia Literary Journal
Thick With Conviction
Thirteen Ways
This Space
Three Drops from a Cauldron [Three Drops Press]
Tigershark [Tigershark Publishing]
Time Of Singing
Tipton Poetry Journal [Brick Street Poetry Inc.]
Topology Magazine [*culture is not optional]
Touch: The Journal of Healing
Tower Journal, The
TQ Review: A Journal for Trans* // Queer Voices [Damaged Goods Press]
Trafika Europe
Transnational, The
Travel by the Books
TreeHouse: An Exhibition of the Arts FLEDGLING
Underwater New York
Valparaiso Poetry Review
vox poetica
Walking Is Still Honest [Nostrovia!]
Wax Paper, The
Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest [Winning Writers]
WestWard Quarterly
Whirlwind Magazine
Wilderness House Literary Review
Wildflower Muse
Window Cat Press tumblr [Window Cat Press]
Workers Write!
Woven Tale Press, The
Write To Meow [Grey Wolfe Publishing]
Write to Wildlife Anthology Series [Grey Wolfe Publishing]
Write to Woof [Grey Wolfe Publishing]
Writing Disorder, The
Writing Raw
Your Daily Poem

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  1. I was thinking of this very topic: a poem of mine was chosen for display for the Arte Latino Now 2017 exhibit which will run for a month in Queens University in Charlotte and I was wondering if that poem would be considered published after the exhibit was over….

  2. This question has plagued me.
    I had a blog with almost no readership for like a year and had published some fiction on it.
    I deactivated it and nothing comes up on Google. If I wanted to submit any of that work, would I be in trouble?

    • I think most publishers would be fine with that if it was a personal blog and no longer active. If it’s a paying market, you should probably note it when submitting.

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