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The Un-“Selfish Poet" site review—Woven Tale Press + NO FEE Submission call

I’m so honored to have Emily Jaeger, Features Editor of Woven Tale Press publish this lovely site review of my blog today. She does a great job explaining what I’m up to and the types of information you can find here on my site.


“The site is blessedly easy to navigate, between the search bar, drop-down menus, and a side-bar of post categories including such topics as: "Poetry/Writing Prompts," "Guest Blog Posts," "Poetry Contests," and "Calls for Submissions." Hopkinson also has a "Blog Tour" page, which includes brief summaries of each section of the site. If, after combing through all of these search options, a reader still hasn't found what they are looking for, Hopkinson offers the "Ask Me Anything (About Poetry)" feature, where readers can submit questions to Hopkinson for a direct response.”

Click here to read the complete review article.

The Woven Tale Press is an online magazine founded by Editor-in-Chief Sandra Tyler. Per their About page, “Today, we link back not only to noteworthy writers on the Web, but to artists and photographers as well. And my mother's years of painting in that cellar can serve as an apt metaphor for what we strive for at the Press: To bring to light works by writers and artists who otherwise may be toiling away in their own ‘cellars.’ On the Web, for every artist's or writer's website, there is that creative soul persevering in isolation, to hone his or my own unique statement, be it on a canvas, the page, or in any other medium. And it is a perseverance often plagued with doubts: Am I any good? Am I just wasting my time?”

WTP is a free monthly magazine, is always open for submissions, and looking for a wide range of art and writing, including videos, press features, creative writing, and visual arts.

Click here to read submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: Always Open



FORMS: videos, press features, flash fiction, short stories, memoir, poetry, experimental writing, and visual art


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  1. Hi Trish, In reviewing Woven Tale Press’ submission guidelines, the Press requires writers to have an active website and blog. However, that requirement excludes Facebook, Twitter and others. Do you have any insights why these platforms are not acceptable?

    Jef Harris

    • They’re looking for actual web sites they can link to rather than just a social media account. My guess is so that the site is available to everyone, not just those who have accounts with the social media platform it resides on. For example, if I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, I may not be able to access the content on your pages there.

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