Call for Submissions

NO FEE/REPRINTS Submission call for audio art journal – Rocky Mountain Revival, DEADLINE: Feb. 15, 2017

Congratulations to Rocky Mountain Revival for recently hitting 10,000 podcast downloads! Rocky Mountain Revival is a fairly new audio art journal and podcast “born from the love of three things: stories, songs and podcasts.”


Their submission guidelines are detailed and describe the type of work they are looking for, “Well-told, well-written, polished, poignant, captivating, one-of-a-kind stories. No matter what genre, we want to bring to life the art of storytelling, even from the music we are airing. In addition, your work needs to be suited for audio. When our listeners are driving, or doing the dishes, or out walking under the stars we want them to be able to listen to just your story, just your poem, or your song and need nothing else in that moment.”

Founder and editor in chief Levi Andrew Noe is an excellent host. Each podcast episode is about a half hour long and features a variety of literary and musical artists providing “art that can be listened to.” You can listen to all of their previous 48 episodes here. If you’re looking for an episode strong in poetry, check out episode 14 here:

Big thanks to their fiction editor Jack C. Buck for letting me know about this creative project! Jack is originally from Michigan and a teacher living in Denver, Colorado. He writes flash fiction and short stories. He is also the current editor of fiction at The Harpoon Review.

Read Rocky Mountain Revival’s submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: Next podcast deadline is Feb. 15, 2017 (rolling submissions are always open)


FORMS:  Literature and music

Literature: “Fiction, flash fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, all speculative fiction, experimental/cross-genre writing and genres that haven’t been invented yet.”

Music: “We want all kinds of music: We have a soft spot for folk, indie, acoustic, and singer/songwriter styles, as they tend to work thematically with the stories we air. But we accept all genres of music except anything techno/house/EDM/dubstep.”

NOTES: Submissions are accepted via email only. Previously published work is ok.


For more submission tips, click here.

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