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Check out the SAFTAcast poet interviews with Scott “C” Fynboe! (A Sundress Academy for the Arts Production)

If you have yet to tune into a SAFTAcast episode, you’re truly missing out! This completely different approach to interviewing poets and writers is nothing but a good time. Host Scott “C” Fynboe interviews guests without really talking about writing. Instead, he has lively conversations about anything and everything else. These interviews are entertaining, interesting, and relaxed. Past episodes include Lisa Marie BasileChen Chen, and last August, yours truly. Many, many thanks to Mr. Fynboe and Sundress Academy of the Arts for this incredible opportunity.

On your marks. Get set. Podcast. Episode 58 is here! Trish Hopkinson is a busy blogger and poet. But she takes some time to stop by and discuss memorable movie characters, what it's like to volunteer at Sundance, and how Utah is not a punchline.

To keep up with all of Trish's efforts, check out Rock Canyon Poets, Provo Poetry, and her personal blog. (And check out this local coverage of the famed "Poetball" machine!)

For a complete list of past episodes, click here.

The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is an artists’ retreat on a 45-acre farm in Knoxville, Tennessee that offers residencies to writers, visual artists, filmmakers, composers, and more, from across the country. With two residency rooms on site, we offer a rotating space for nationally recognized and emerging artists in multiple disciplines.

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