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NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Stirring's LOUD / SOFT / RESPOND, DEADLINE: June 1, 2017

Founded in 1999, by Sundress PublicationsStirring: A Literary Collection is one of the oldest continuously publishing journals on the internet. Stirring is a strictly electronic journal that publishes monthly issues on the first of each month.
All of there past issues are available online in their ArchivesTo view their current issue, click here. You can also read my Stirring publications here: “South Side,” “Offspring” and coincidentally, my review of Kissing the Sphinx by Chen Chen, who is guest editing Stirring’s special themed issue LOUD / SOFT / RESPOND.
I wondered how and why this theme came to be, so I asked Poetry Editor Luci Brown a few questions to find out. See the interview and a link to submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: How/why was the idea of LOUD / SOFT / RESPOND originally conceived?

BROWN: Andrew and I had been discussing the themed issue for a while. We wanted to give a space for underrepresented voices that allowed for many different dialogues to occur. We didn’t want this issue to be strictly tied to politics, LGBT+ rights, accessibility, or race. We want this issue to be from all of these voices and more. The LOUD and SOFT idea was conceived from reading great work, like that of Chen Chen, which has the ability to address emotionally charged issues in loud and soft ways.


HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for?
BROWN: We are looking for poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that is responding to a situation of silencing and how the speaker responded to it. This concept can be interpreted in many ways, and we are incredibly excited for reading these submissions.

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?

BROWN: We are fans of our sister journals at Sundress Publications along with other greats like Tinderbox, Thrush, Adroit, Poetry, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Hermenutic Chaos, I mean the list could go on. We’re fans of lit mags/journals!
HOPKINSON: Where can folks send submissions?
BROWN: Send poetry submissions to Andrew and I at
Fiction submissions can be sent to Kat Saunders at

Nonfiction submissions can be sent to Gabe Montesanti at
Make sure to include RESPOND LOUD or RESPOND SOFT in the subject title for us to know this is a themed submission. Further guidelines are also on our beautiful website

HOPKINSON: If someone has a question, how can they contact you?
BROWN: You can contact us via or Facebook page (either the Stirring page or my personal page) or through our email. Let us know in the subject line this is a question email, and we will get back to you.

Click here to read submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: June 1, 2017
FORMS: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction

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