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My feature in 15 Bytes: Utah's Art Magazine, including 3 poems

I’m honored to be featured in 15 Bytes: Utah’s Art Magazine for their Read Local Sunday series along side other Utah writers such as Natasha Sajé and Jan Minich. The feature includes three of my poems: “Waiting Around,” “Temple City listens to Orlando,” and “Offspring;” and links to my chapbook Footnote, just released in July by Lithic Press.

Click here to read my feature with 3 poems

15 Bytes is an online art magazine and features artists and authors living in Utah. It’s published by Artists of Utah, a non-profit organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. “The organization was created to serve as a communication nexus for Utah's visual arts community. We are made up of artists, art professionals and art lovers and exist to bring the same together in an attempt to foster interaction, education and imagination. Our principle tool for doing this is the internet, which serves to bring together members of the visual arts community from across the state. Our website,, is continually expanding in an attempt to give greater voice to a wider community of individuals and organizations.”
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