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My interview in The Literary Librarian + call for author interviews

I’m honored to be interviewed in The Literary Librarian, a new literary magazine focusing on interviews with authors. They do a custom interview for authors with recently published books of poetry or prose. My interview includes information about the publishing process and how my chapbook of poems Footnote came to be.

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The Literary Librarian is a new site “to help other authors promote their work. I provide interviews and reviews, and help with finding author resources.” The founder and editor  Amarine Ravenwood is quick to respond and easy to work with.

I interviewed Ravenwood to learn more about The Literary Librarian and how to request an interview.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about The Literary Librarian.

RAVENWOOD: The Literary Librarian is a newly created site specifically designed to host author interviews and book reviews for published authors of various genres. The owner of the Literary Librarian is Amarine Ravenwood.

The aim of the Literary Librarian is to be supportive to other authors – to provide a base for interviews and book reviews outside the author’s own circle of friends/acquaintances so that authors can show that outside parties have an interest in what they are doing, how hard they’re working, and their future aims and goals. It is always helpful for an author to have links to outside sources that show an interest in their work, so the Literary Librarian is a promotional tool for authors.

Once it grows, the Literary Librarian might be a place where people can discover other authors they may have an interest in following and reading – when coming to the site to read an interview/review on one author, they might see another interview or book review on another author that peaks their interest. Links to the product pages for books by the authors interviewed and the books reviewed are listed at the bottom of each interview, and the top of each review, for that purpose – in case someone reading has an interest to buy their books directly from the author.

HOPKINSON: How/why was The Literary Librarian originally started?

RAVENWOOD: The inspiration for a site that hosts author interviews and book reviews was from another author and friend, Roma Gray, who hosts interviews and book reviews for horror authors on her own site, Trick or Treat Thrillers. We had been discussing what a neat thing it would be to have a site that is for the other genres.

HOPKINSON: What types of writers are you looking to interview?

All interviews and book reviews are only offered to published authors. Whether traditionally published or self-published does not matter; the author simply needs to have a published work that is available for sale to the public. Books that contain graphic violence against humans or animals, explicit sexual content (erotica), or heavy hate speech, strong political or political bashing motifs, and/or heavy cursing are not eligible for book review, and the Literary Librarian will likely decline to interview the author as well. All other published material is acceptable at the Literary Librarian’s discretion.

The Literary Librarian is dedicated to literary art, and this is largely because Amarine Ravenwood’s favorite genres fall within the artistic kind of writing – fantasy and science fiction, historical fiction, chick lit, young adult, romance, and poetry (especially poems with rhyme and meter). And while Amarine does like horror stories, Roma Gray is the one who specializes in hosting support for horror writers, and horror authors will likely be referred to Roma, unless the author specifically requests to be hosted on the Literary Librarian. The option exists as well to have the interview hosted on both sites in those cases.

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?

RAVENWOOD: I am just starting in this area and do not have favorite lit magazines or journals yet. I mostly read books. However, I am open to exposure to other types of writing.

HOPKINSON: Where can folks send interview requests?

RAVENWOOD: Requests for author interviews or book reviews may be sent via email to Requests can also be sent via Facebook message through the Literary Librarian’s Facebook page, which is located at: Requests can also be sent through the contact page on the main website, which is at:

HOPKINSON: If someone has a question, how can they contact you?

RAVENWOOD: Questions can be sent using the links above (email or message through the Facebook page), or by posting to the Facebook page, itself. Questions may also be directed to Amarine Ravenwood via private message on Facebook at:

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