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First review of my chapbook Footnote! – by Matthew J. Hall via Screaming with Brevity

My sincerest gratitude to Matthew J. Hall for his honest and intriguing review of my chapbook Footnote on his site Screaming with Brevity.

I was particularly taken with the details and insightful comments he included in the review. He named several specific poems, but my favorite comments were regarding his interpretation of how the collection comes together:

Its honesty is as sharp as its pace and it makes me feel better about how tiresome the facade of pretending to be okay sometimes becomes. That, after all, is one of arts greatest attributes; its ability to communicate a sense of connection within the struggle, whatever that struggle might be. Hopkinson does this throughout the chapbook, in Blue Daydream where She went back to the 7th / floor apartment, hungry // or thirsty or both and still / rolled up on the bottom // shelf where she / has always been.

And in 203 Amity with its “Old-aged bricks of gloom.”

And in Broken Hearts Buried Here where “The cemetery is a treacherous place.”

Far from being dreary or depressing these drab aspects become reassuring in their conformation of a shared experience of life and, indeed, death in life.

Read the complete review here.

Hall posts regular reviews of beautifully crafted books or poetry and prose. His reviews are approachable and informative. I’m beyond honored to be included in the lineup, which includes books by Bareback Press, Indigent Press, and Newfound to name a few. Several of the books are prose/poetry hybrids and worth checking out!

Hall rounds out the review with what I’d say is a perfect summary, though I certainly may be biased :).

These poems could be enjoyed for their imagery alone, but there is more here than pretty terms of phrase. Footnote, aside from its tributes, dedications and collective homage, is a complex investigation of the human experience. It highlights and calls upon the voices of giants while maintaining its own distinct voice; an accomplished, multifaceted chapbook of poems which honours the art of others while remaining true to itself.

I still have some copies available to sign and send if you’d like your own. You can purchase signed copies and/or a free poetry critique or donation to one of several charities in my store.


Matthew J. Hall is an avid reader, writer and reviewer of literary fiction and poetry. He’s not the MFA type of guy and isn’t really interested in your latest blog post entitled “10 tips for writers to write better right now!” He’s worked in many factories and warehouses assembling, packing and picking everything from shoes to pornographic magazines and has had his share of life experiences. He’s old beyond his years and falls into the typical stereotype of a writer who likes to drink whiskey and smoke – he does enjoy both more than he should, but at least makes an effort to cut back from time to time. If he lives long enough, Matthew aims to one day live a quiet life by a body of water, drinking whiskey, eating cheese and writing.

Connect with him on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.

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