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NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – Poetry Wolf, DEADLINE: Open year-round

Poetry Wolf, a poetic press, is new press publishing poetry chapbooks. They have a unique publishing model where a portion of profits are donated to a charity in the local area of the published poet. They recently opened for submissions. To see what they like (or to find some rad new poetry), please check out their Books page.

I wondered how and why this chapbook press came to be, so I asked them a few questions to find out. See my interview with their staff and a link to their submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about Poetry Wolf.

PW STAFF: Poetry Wolf is a new press looking to publish poetry chapbooks that excite us. We want to be able to get passionate about a manuscript, so much so that we can't wait to share it with the world. Our process is poet-centered, and we are focused on producing each artist's vision in a cohesive, resonant way.

HOPKINSON: How/why was Poetry Wolf originally started?

PW STAFF: Our founder was inspired to create Poetry Wolf after chatting with a successful slam poet about their desire to publish through a press while also maintaining creative control over things like cover art.

HOPKINSON: Who is your target audience?

PW STAFF: Anyone who enjoys reading good poetry and who enjoys having their perception of the world expand.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for?

PW STAFF: Poetry one can spend an entire week arguing with themselves about: in the shower, lying in bed, on the bus, at the produce stand. They may even start arguing about one of the poems with someone else, someone who will have to read the poem in order to join in the argument. We want work that we can't let go of. Work that refuses to let go of us.

While we are committed to a hands-on, enthusiastic editing process, we do want poets to really nurture their manuscripts before sending them our way.

We are especially interested in work from poets with underrepresented identities, as well as work that wears its own experimentation well.

HOPKINSON: What do you wish you’d see submitted, but rarely comes in?

PW STAFF: Work that is informed by the natural environment, anything that shows us a color we've never seen before, or work that brings a biological weapon (or a warm sweet potato pie, or a math book) to a knife fight: poetry that is not only unexpected, but that challenges our historic expectations while we work through it.

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?

PW STAFF: Spoon River, Orion, Kudzu House, Tin House, Nimrod International Journal of Poetry and Prose, Willow Spring Magazine

HOPKINSON: Where can folks send submissions?

PW STAFF: We are currently taking submissions via email at

HOPKINSON: If someone has a question, how can they contact you? 

PW STAFF: We can be reached by email and we can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to read submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: Open year-round



PAYMENT: “Contributors receive five copies and compensation is split 70 (us)/30 (poet) until we cover operational costs and it changes to 30/70. Any profits thereafter for the press will be donated to a local charity of the poet's choice.”

FORMS: poetry chapbooks between 20 – 30 pages

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