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“Review of Footnote by Trish Hopkinson" – by Lucas Bailor via Glass: A Journal of Poetry

Thank you so much to Lucas Bailor and Stephanie Kaylor of Glass: A Journal of Poetry for this excellent and detailed review of my chapbook Footnote.

I was particularly pleased with Bailor’s insight into the collection and why I chose response poems–he’s right, the artists I’m honoring do matter to me:

“The collection's first poem, ‘A Way In’ -- for Amiri Baraka -- begins, ‘As involved and still / as looking inward.’ There are plenty moments throughout that provide this sort of meta commentary on the text, and beginning with these lines makes it easy to see this statement referring to poetry in general, but works perhaps even more effectively in relation to response poetry. For any doubters of response poetry, Hopkinson's thesis seems to be that it is just ‘As involved and still.’ Establishing the throughline in a collection of response poetry might even require more involvement than otherwise required, as the reader then has to consider how these responses work in conjunction with each other. The answer, really, is quite simple: they work because they matter to Hopkinson.”

Read the complete review here.

Bailor also mentions a previous interview and why I call myself a “selfish poet” and how that ties to Footnote: “In an interview with The Literary Librarian -- and in the subtitle for her own website -- Hopkinson calls herself a ‘selfish poet,’ mentioning, ‘I write for me, the rest is just a bonus.’ This sentiment plays out in Footnote through its very nature of being made up of response poems, simply due to response poems relying on the poet's personal interpretation of a given piece or person rather than a more general, universally accepted interpretation.”

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, the Glass City, by Holly Burnside and Anthony Frame, Glass: A Journal of Poetry (ISSN 1941-4137) was published online twice a year (June and December) from 2008 until 2014 by Glass Poetry Press. In 2016, it published a single poem each week (and occasionally published double features). Beginning in 2017, the journal will publish monthly issues of five to ten poems. Interviews and reviews are also published on a rolling schedule.

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I still have some copies available to sign and send if you’d like your own. You can purchase signed copies and/or a free poetry critique or donation to one of several charities in my store.

Lucas Bailor is from Moreno Valley, California. His work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Thin Air Magazine, Angel City Review, DUM DUM Zine, and SHARKPACK Poetry Review. He occasionally tweets: @lucasbailor.




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