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Underline Poetry – Broadcast & Archive, Poetry for a Digital Landscape: guest blog post by Leonard Zawadski

Underline Poetry – Broadcast & Archive launched on August 15th, 2018, as a poetry-based web-series. The first two episodes are available either on YouTube (we'd love for you to subscribe: or on the Underline Poetry Co. website ( Our website also showcases: additional information regarding Underline Poetry Co. as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit literary arts organization, solicited poetry-book reviews, a donation form, a contact form, and merchandise.
Our first episode features the Chicago-based poet, Faisal Mohyuddin. Faisal is a high school English teacher and award-winning poet whose work is both well-crafted and deeply felt. This first episode is special to Underline Poetry Co., in that Faisal was my junior year English teacher. I often fondly recall the space which was offered by Faisal to explore and share my own burgeoning interest in poetry. It felt right to feature Faisal, both as a token of gratitude, as well as a sign of respect for his excellent work and accomplishments as a poet.
Each episode is structured as an interview between myself and our featured poet, with three poems read by the poet interspersed. The questions I ask not only centralize the poet's work, but also expand to present the poet's character. We then divide each episode into four videos ( a video for each of the three individual poems, and a full-length video which combines the poems with the interview.
Here is an example of an individual poem — Faisal Mohyuddin reading the poem "Bhagat Singh" from his new collection "The Displaced Children of Displaced Children":

Our second episode features the work of another Chicago-based poet, Valerie Wallace. Valerie is also an award-winning poet, her latest collection "House of McQueen" having won the 2016 Four Way Books Intro Prize. We loved the opportunity to sit down with Valerie, and to chat about "House of McQueen".
Here, Valerie reads the title poem from her new collection:

As "Underline Poetry — Broadcast & Archive" is a Chicago-based enterprise, you'll recognize that our first few episodes feature Chicago-based poets. The poetry scene in Chicago is alive and thriving! We're happy to be part of such an enthusiastic market! That being said, the vision for "Broadcast & Archive" is much broader in scope. We are building towards becoming a trusted platform, and showcasing poets and poetry not only from around the Chicagoland area, but from around the globe, as well!

Do you have something say about poetry? An essay on being a poet, tips for poets, or poetry you love? is now accepting pitches for guest blog posts. 

Contact me here if you are interested! 


Leonard Zawadski is a poet and avid poetry enthusiast. He is the founder of Underline Poetry Co., a poetry-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit literary arts organization. He resides in the great city of Chicago, IL.

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