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2018 Holiday Chapbook Gift Guide via Hyacinth Girl Press

This list from Hyacinth Girl Press is a great place to start if you’re looking for chapbooks to send to friends/family as holiday gifts or as a better greeting card! Cards are often overpriced and quickly discarded. Why not send a book of poetry instead! I’m thrilled that my chapbook Footnote is included in this list, which gives gift ideas and recommendations of chapbooks for:

  • ghosts, gods, granddaughters, ambassadors, mystics, saints, and reprobates
  • Your friend who never misses "Once Upon A Time"
  • Melancholy moms who haven't lost their edge
  • Mountaineering majors who minor in pun appreciation
  • That human in your life who can relate to Ginsberg and classic rock
  • People who spend the holidays with problematic family members but are looking for ways to adapt and survive
  • Former presidents of the Junior Classical League and other such classics nerds
  • The kid who really enjoyed the dissection part of biology class

Read the list and the short reviews for all the chapbooks here:

2018 Holiday Chapbook Gift Guide

Hyacinth Girl Press is a lovely small press, that specializes in handmade chapbooks and puts our about six per year. From their duotrope page, "We consider ourselves a feminist press and are particularly interested in manuscripts dealing with topics such as radical spiritual experiences, creation/interpretation of myth through a feminist lens, and science. We think outerspace, in particular, is pretty darn cool. We also love collaboration - collaboration between poets, collaboration between a poet and other artist type, poetry in translation, collaboration with other presses. Interpret this liberally. Try us. While we are interested in poetry that deals with the otherworldly, we are not interested in being preached to. The ultimate goal of Hyacinth Girl Press is to bring feminism, mysticism, and scientific inquiry together with awesome poetry."

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