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Call for women artist-poet collaborations – Les Femmes Folles

Les Femmes Folles (LFF) is an organization and online journal that focuses on supporting artists of all genres who identify as female. It was founded and is curated by Sally Deskins. “Since April 2011 the LFF Blog has featured over 700 women in theatre, music, visual art, writing, performance art and feminist activism from around the world in various levels of their careers. LFF has also curated and hosted seven visual exhibits, over a dozen panels, readings and performances; and has published four anthologies of poetry, visual art and interview excerpts which are available at”

I interviewed Deskins to learn more about LFF and how to submit to be to their current artist-poet collaboration call for 2019. See the interview and a link to submission guidelines below.

I was honored to be featured in Les Femmes Folles (LFF) for their 2017 series of women artists. They do a custom interview and include artwork in each feature. My feature includes two found poems previously published in Wild Horses, Women on Fire by ELJ Editions: “Salvage great love at all cost” and “White.” The features are also compiled and printed in a collection annually. Click here to read my feature with interview and two poems.

The features are wonderful exposure and customized to fit each artist/writer. I was pleased to be featured in 2016 as well and included in two books published in 2017: Les Femmes Folles: The Women 2016 and Shake The Tree: A Poetry Anthology, Volume Three forthcoming by Brightly PressLFF included two of my poems in my feature, “Waiting Around” and “Eurydice’s Cardinal.” Click here to read last year’s feature and interview.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about Les Femmes Folles (LFF)How/why was LFF originally started?

DESKINS: Back in 2011, artist Wanda Ewing curated a show along with a reading I was producing of women artists that were amazing but I hadn’t heard of, when I looked for them, and then more info on other artists who were women, I couldn’t find much, so I started the online journal and series of events to provide a tiny platform for the voices and perspectives of women in all forms, styles and levels of art.

HOPKINSON: Who is your target reader audience

DESKINS: Anyone from teenagers to adults; I’d say women-identified readers might appreciate Les Femmes Folles the most, but hopefully all identities do.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for? What do you wish you’d see submitted, but rarely comes in?

DESKINS: For the artist-poet collaborative call, I’m really looking for those artists who work together to create something integrated, that works together to be great; not just words laid over an image, but rather work that evidently was created for each other. Also feminist in intent and just my personal preference usually is drawn to figurative work. Would love to see work deliberately inspired by other feminist artists/writers. Always love paying tribute to the feminist art lineage.

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?

DESKINS: Luna Luna, Up the Staircase, Quail Bell, IDK Magazine, Rogue Agent, Literary Mama and The Mom Egg, So to Speak, What Fresh Witch is This, and the blog by the National Museum for Women in the Arts is great. I also love Hyperallergic, Art Publika, Artsy, Nakid Magazine, Brenda Magazine and Feminist Wire. There are tons more I’m not naming I’m sure!

HOPKINSON: Where can folks send submissions? If someone has a question, how can they contact you?

DESKINS: Send images, poetry, questions to me at

Many, many thanks to Les Femmes Folles for all they are doing for women writers, artists, musicians, and performers. I so enjoyed the interview process with their curator Sally Deskins. Keep an eye on this organization–they are accomplishing great things!

Follow them on tumblr or Facebook to make sure you don’t miss more interviews coming in their interview series. Past interviews include the gorgeous work of artists Christine Palamidessi, Gao Rong, Roberta Masciarelli, and others.

Click here read submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: End of 2019

QUALIFICATIONS: poets and artists of any style, genre or level, that identify as female



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