Call for Submissions

PAYING/NO FEE MAIL submission call + editor interview – River Styx, DEADLINE: Year-round

River Styx is a well-established, bi-annual literary magazine in its 44th year of publication. They’ve published some poets and writers you’ve likely heard of, such as Rita Dove, Robert Hass, Yusef Komunyakaa, Lucille Clifton and more. While they do require a small submission fee for online submissions, no fee submissions can be mailed to them with an SASE year-round.

I was pleased to meet editor Jason Lee Brown at AWP after our previous online correspondence and I wanted to know more about River Styx. He graciously answered my questions and is really, a super nice and friendly person. See my interview with Brown and a link to submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about River Styx.

BROWN: Since 1975, River Styx has published an international, award-winning journal of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and art. The magazine has consistently been one of the first to publish some of the most important writers of our time, from U.S. Poet Laureates (Howard Nemerov, Mona Van Duyn, Rita Dove, Robert Hass, and Ted Kooser), to Pulitzer Prize-Winners (Yusef Komunyakaa, Stephen Dunn, and Ted Kooser), to National Book Award Winners (Marilyn Hacker, Howard Nemerov, Lisel Mueller, Lucille Clifton, and Robert Hass), to Nobel Laureates (Derek Walcott and Czeslaw Milosz). The magazine publishes semiannually, hosts two reading series in St. Louis, and sponsors annual contests for poetry and microfiction.

HOPKINSON: How/why was River Styx originally started?

BROWN: River Styx began in the early 1970s when a group of poets and musicians began reading and jamming together in various St. Louis apartments. The first issue of River Styx magazine, printed on a lithographic press and hand-collated, hit the streets a few years later in 1975. Check out our recent Centennial Issue which includes introductions with more detail of how River Styx reached 100 issues.

HOPKINSON: Who is your target reader audience?

BROWN: We want to target people like our friends and neighbors who like to read—not necessarily academics, but just everyday folks who enjoy reading for pleasure.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for?

BROWN: We accept entertaining and emotionally engaging fiction, nonfiction, poetry. We like literature that is simultaneously accessible and smart.

HOPKINSON: What do you wish you’d see submitted, but rarely comes in?

BROWN: We would like to see more nonfiction submissions with unique focuses and points-of-view that entertain and engage us.

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?


We love a lot of journals but have to admit we are biased toward some of our fellow Missouri journals, such as Boulevard, Natural Bridge, Pleiades, etc.

HOPKINSON: Where can folks send submissions?

BROWN: Along with Submittable ($2.50 fee), we accept postal submissions (including a self-addressed stamped envelope for response) mailed to:

River Styx

3139 A, South Grand Blvd. Suite 203

St. Louis, MO 63118

HOPKINSON: If someone has a question, how can they contact you?

BROWN: Send an email to

Click here to read submission guidelines.


FORMAT: print

SUBMISSION FEE: no fee for mail with an SASE ($2.50 for online subs)


FORMS: $25 – $150, plus a one-year subscription, and one additional copy of the issue in which the work appears.

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