Poem-a-day and Sunday Prompts via Rock Canyon Poets

The Rock Canyon Poets group curates a poem-a-day (almost every day) and shares it in our Facebook group, as well as a writing prompt with a poem every Sunday. The curator, Lisa Connors, often selects poem samples from literary magazines who are currently open for submissions. If you need a little inspiration, follow the Rock Canyon Poets page.

How we got started

In January of 2015, my friend and fellow poet Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen and I embarked on a new poetic adventure–one that I am certain will become a staple in the Utah literary community for years to come. We were searching for a creative and academic poetry community, one where poets could share, learn, and support each other. And so began Rock Canyon Poets.

First, we found a venue–Pioneer Book, nestled in historic downtown Provo, UT has been generous and encouraging in ways we never imagined. They graciously provide us with a meeting space, an open mic venue, and desperately needed promotion.

Second, we needed members–within weeks of inviting poets we already knew and spreading the word via social media, etc. we quickly grew to a diverse group of nearly 30 poets. We are very proud of our diverse membership. Our ethnically rich group ranges in 18 to 70 years in age, and represents many backgrounds. You can read more about our poets here.

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