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NO FEE/THEMED submission call + editor interview – The Pittsburgh Anthology, DEADLINE: Nov. 1, 2019

The Pittsburgh Anthology is part of an intriguing series of cities published by the independent publishing house Dostoyevsky Wannabe. The anthology will be edited by Jessica Fischoff, Editor and Owner of [PANK], author of the little book of poems, The Desperate Measure of Undoing (Across the Margin, 2019). Her thoughts on editing appear in Best American Poetry and The Kenyon Review. Her writing appears in Diode Poetry Journal, Fjords Review, The Southampton Review, Yemassee, and Prelude.

I wanted to know more about this anthology, so I asked Fischoff a few questions. See my interview and submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about The Pittsburgh Anthology.

FISCHOFF: The Pittsburgh Anthology is the Pittsburgh edition of the Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities Series that include (name five biggest worldwide cities). The goal is for the anthology to serve as a capsule of Pittsburgh experiences and influences - a collection of stories, reflections and poems that showcase all sides of our city - from trekking across our bridges, to childhood tales of a steel town, to watching a city become what's constantly been named one of the best places to live, to falling in love in the famous rain.

HOPKINSON: How/why was The Pittsburgh Anthology originally started?

FISCHOFF: The Dostoyevesky Wannabe Cities Series is a collection of anthologies from around the world. After reading the Brooklyn Edition, I knew that Pittsburgh's stories needed to be told, and not simply as standalone pieces, but in conversation with the other works by Pittsburgh influenced writers and other major world cities. I reached out to the editors and they agreed. Pittsburgh deserved a place on the map.

HOPKINSON: Who is your target reader audience?

FISCHOFF: Anyone who loves good literature. The anthology isn't simply meant for those who know the city of Pittsburgh. It's meant for anyone who has ever known any city - for anyone who has a connection to the places that have touched them. That is universal.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for?

FISCHOFF: Poetry, Essays, Short Stories, Flash anything. If there's the slightest hint of Pittsburgh by association or in name in the work, I want to read it.

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?

FISCHOFF: It's biased for me to say [PANK], but it's always been my go-to. I'm a huge fan of The Adroit Journal, The Southampton Review, Agni, Orion, and Cordella Magazine.

HOPKINSON: Where can folks send submissions?

FISCHOFF: Submissions should be sent to along with a brief introduction about the author's relationship to the city. All questions can be directed there as well!

Submission Guidelines

Send 3-5 poems, or up to 4,000 words of prose to with a short note about your relationship to the Burgh. Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit, no matter if you were born here, met your first love here, went to school here, or simply passing through.

The anthology will be published July 1, 2020.

DEADLINE: November 1, 2019 

FORMAT: print


PAYMENT: Authors will receive one author copy and be invited to read at the launch party in Pittsburgh.

FORMS: poetry, prose

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