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“Review: Footnote, by Trish Hopkinson” – by Eileen Murphy via Tinderbox Poetry Journal

I’m so grateful of the reading and work that went into this thoughtful review of my chapbook Footnote by Eileen Murphy published by Tinderbox Poetry Journal. 

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Murphy’s reading and insight captured so much of what I was after in this collection of poems. She gave such careful attention to the footnotes of the poems and their importance, I’m really so honored she spent the time reading and writing this review. Here’s an excerpt:

“In this chapbook where all the poems were inspired by others while at the same time holding on to her own visions, Trish Hopkinson took a creative risk. It can be interesting to read poems that are as layered as some of these are since deconstructing the layers may challenge a reader to go look up information about a person or poem cited in the footnote and think a while about the connection. But if the reader's willing to give it a chance, willing to be open to it--Footnote will dazzle, please, and inspire with the beauty and wonder of its visions.”

Read the complete review here.

I love her interpretation of the book in the first paragraph, which so aptly describes my approach to the collection, “Trish Hopkinson shares her interesting, powerful visions with the reader, while she adds a new layer of meaning to the poems using footnotes to indicate whom the poem was written for or inspired by.”

Eileen Murphy lives near Tampa with husband and two dogs. She teaches literature/English at Polk State College. Her recent book reviews are published in Tinderbox Journal, Rain Taxi, Cultural Weekly, BLARB, Glass, Crab Fat, and other journals.

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