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I’m a guest editor! – Golden Walkman, DEADLINES: 12/15/19 – 11/15/20

Golden Walkman has a great lineup of guest editors for their themed issues next year, including yours truly! Each editor picked a specific theme for their issue. Submissions are now open for every month in 2020. The first deadline is December 15 and is guest edited by Kelly Boyker with the theme: Dystopia.

I’m guest editing for the November issue and you can submit from now until October 15, 2020. My theme is In response:

Is there a piece of art so powerful that it moves you to write? I personally learn more about myself and the art I love when I write a poem inspired by it or use an original work in an erasure or other found poem project. It provides a different perspective and I often discover new connections when working with a piece of art as inspiration or source for found work. For this issue of Golden Walkman, write a poem or short prose piece in response to another work of art, whether it be written, visual, audio, etc. Include which work of art you are responding to with each submission.

Other guest editors include: Brendan Walsh, Simeon Berry, Amorak Huey, Gloria Mindock, Sandra Marchetti, W. Todd Kaneko, Felicia Connolly, Beverly Army Williams, Woody Woodger, and Nancy Antle.

Golden Walkman Magazine is a literary magazine in the form of a podcast aimed at giving the written word a voice. In that vein, all work accepted and published will be presented solely through that medium – which is audio. No printed words, online or otherwise (except the ones you’re reading right now).

​The podcast is published on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. You can subscribe to download the issues automatically or selectively cherry pick the ones you want to listen to. Either way, it should be a good listen.

A note to any prospective contributors: GWM seeks great creative work of all kind, even if it’s not considered performance. Submit even if your poem or story isn’t going to be pulling down the rafters at the next open mic – we may enjoy powerful subtly even more.”

They accept submissions in the following categories:

To read more about GWM and what their looking for, continue reading my interview with their founder David Walker below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about Golden Walkman Magazine.

WALKER: Golden Walkman Magazine is dedicated to the oral presentation of creative art. While some magazines have a podcast accompanying their written, hard copy issues, GWM is published solely as a podcast. This allows the authors to have much more control over the listeners’ experience of their work as it is in their voice, their intonation. It is our ultimate goal to bring the audience closer to the artist and, as a result, closer to the art.

HOPKINSON: How/why was Golden Walkman Magazine originally started?

WALKER: I am a rabid listener of podcasts, and I love the concept of literary magazines. This marriage seemed like a perfect fit, so I dove headfirst into learning how to produce both – GWM is the product of that process.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for?

WALKER: Aside from work that is in response to recent events, we’re looking for submissions that attempt to slice through the overwhelming bleakness that seems to be constantly hovering. We’re not excluding realistically negative takes on the dark circumstances we find ourselves in, but more than anything, we want these submissions to be part of the healing process. And we also want submissions that are celebrations of historic milestones. There’s so much good in humanity that we don’t want people to lose sight of.

HOPKINSON: What are you hoping will be submitted?

WALKER: Writing that has a clear and urgent voice, that we can’t ignore because it won’t let us, that will sing when read aloud. We want work that plays with sound but doesn’t let it cheapen the writing to bad karaoke. We also want work that whispers because it really needs us to listen.

HOPKINSON: Where can folks send submissions?

WALKER: – after reading the guidelines, of course.

HOPKINSON: If someone has a question, how can they contact you?

WALKER: Same email as above but also by messaging our Facebook page (

Themed Guidelines / General Guidelines



FORMS:  poetry and prose (published as audio)


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