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The Poetry Prompt Project, lessons and prompts by Joey Gould

I really love what poet Joey Gould is up to on their web site. Gould started sharing these incredible poetry lessons with writing prompts a few weeks ago, “I’m going to post a poetry prompt every week, so please follow along! Each one will show examples of published poets working within a given form, style, or what have you, with my thoughts on how the author exemplifies that given mode, followed by a brief prompt to try yourself. Let’s write some poems!” They provide excellent examples and other tips to get you writing. Each lesson typically has a few “assignments” to work with.




Joey Gould is the author of The Acute Avian Heart (2019, Lily Poetry Review). Joey is a long-time contributor to Mass Poetry, for which they assist the Poetry Festival Planning Committee, lead workshops for Student Day of Poetry events around Massachusetts, write web articles for MassPoetry.org, & judge slams for Louder Than a Bomb MA. Their work has appeared in Paper Nautilus, Drunk Monkeys, The Compassion Anthology, Memoir Mixtapes, & District Lit, amongst others. They have twice been nominated for Bettering American Poetry and once for a Pushcart Prize. Since their first public reading as a fellow of Salem State University’s Summer Poetry Seminar, they have performed in The Poetry Circus, Elle Villanelle’s Poetry Bordello, and The Poetry Society of New York’s Poetry Brothel. In addition to their Mass Poetry work, they have taught workshops for the Salem Poetry Seminar & Salem Lit Fest. They write 100-word reviews as poetry editor for Drunk Monkeys. Most important, they like Pusheen & painting their nails.

Twitter: @toshines

IG: joey.toshines


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