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NO FEE submission call + editor interview – Wicked Gay Ways, DEADLINE: June 15, 2020

Wicked Gay Ways is an online art and literary journal seeking to create connections across the many dimensions of queer sexual desire as embodied in art and the creative process. They publish work from both new, emerging and established artists and are currently open for submissions of flash erotic fiction, short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art.

I wanted to know more about this literary journal, so I asked editor Susan DiPronio some questions to find out. See my interview with DiPronio and a link to submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about Wicked Gay Ways.

DIPRONIO: We offer thoughtful and provocative dialogue through a wide-range of work presented. We begin our work from the acknowledgment that there already exists an impressive and diverse body of erotic and sexually relevant work in art, performance, dance, music, film and literature in both the Western and Eastern cannon. We desire through Wicked Gay Ways to expand on the understanding of the work that has come before us, while presenting the creation and evolution of newer work and how this work addresses and is in turn shaped by the evolving influence and role that sexuality and desire continues to play in our individual and artistic lives. Welcome to the labyrinth.

HOPKINSON: How/why was Wicked Gay Ways originally started?

DIPRONIO: Wicked Gay Ways was created in response to the recent censoring of positive sexual content within the social media community. We believe that body positivity and sexual freedom is a right that should not be controlled by authoritarian governments.

Covid-19 has transformed our lives. The Pandemic severed us from touch. We crave physical connections yet are limited in possibilities.

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for?

DIPRONIO: In this call, we ask artists of all genres to explore erotica which centers on sexual exploration during this time of alienation and distance; think science fiction inspired stories. Distance sex, solo sex,  viral lovers, sex with non-humans, super humans, sex so good it will kill you, other worldly bondage, fantasy! Will an AI be our next swipe on Tinder? Push the boundaries of what it means to be human and to crave the physical, sexual and erotic connections we are currently denied.

HOPKINSON: Where can we send submissions?

DIPRONIO: Submit your work to

Click here to read submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: June 15, 2020

FORMAT: online



FORMS: flash erotic fiction, short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art


SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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