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My interview on self-acceptance with Courtney Cook via On Loan From the Cosmos

It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by Courtney Cook, creator and editor of On Loan From the Cosmos. The best part is that Courtney creates original illustrations of the interviewee for each interview! I sent her a few photos to work from and I love how it turned out.

On Loan From the Cosmos is a new "literary magazine celebrating the radical self-acceptance of everything that comprises who we are in our entirety" publishing art, writing, and interviews. Their mission is to "showcase our strength, capabilities and beauty in spite of, alongside, or because of our physical and mental disabilities, illnesses, conditions--everything that makes us, us!" They are always open for personal essays of up to 2,000 words, comics of up to 10 pages, art in any medium, poetry not to exceed 5 pages or poems, and individuals who would like to be interviewed about radical self-acceptance.

Click here to read the full interview.

Here’s an excerpt:

Do you have any advice to others when it comes to accepting themselves?

Give yourself permission to self-soothe, to do something nice for yourself, to take extra time for rest or something you love to do. I tell my kids when they are struggling, If you had a friend who was going through this, what would you tell them to do? Now, go do that for yourself.We need to be as kind to ourselves as we would be to those we love. Remember how important you are to those you love. Create rituals to remind yourself of the things you love about yourself--even if they are lies at first. Journal about them. Write into the positive and then keep those things close. Ask your closest friends to remind you when you need it most.

Cook has been so amazing to work with on my interview, as well as when I interviewed her back in April. You can read my interview here: NO FEE submission call + editor interview - On Loan From the Cosmos, DEADLINE: Rolling/always open; and of course, there’s a link to submission guidelines below.

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FORMS: essays, comics, art, poetry, request to be interviewed

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  1. Its encouraging to read an interview that focuses on how one feels about themself. And how to ‘manage’ the inner energies that can either boost or tear down.

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