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My poem “Gathering of the Salt” published by Utah @ 125 for Utah’s 125th anniversary

Many thanks to Thrive 125 and editor Ellen Fagg Weist for publishing my short prose poem “Gathering of the Salt” to celebrate Utah’s 125th anniversary of statehood. “Gathering of the Salt” is a poem of progress, resistance, and hope. I’m honored to be published along side incredible friends and fellow poets/writers, including Utah poet laureate Paisley Rekdal, previous poet laureates Lance Larsen and Katharine Coles, Tacey Atsitty, Willy Palomo, and many more. You can read all the poems online here.

There are stories buried in the dust, poets say. Especially in a desert like Utah.

Here, we’ve compiled true stories by Utah writers, each 125 words long, one word to represent each year of official state history, all the words layered together as part of an ongoing conversation about Who We Are and Why We’re Here. Maybe that’s what literary stories do best: remind us that no matter where you came from, or what language you spoke when you arrived, being here is a choice to be lost in the surprises of this place. Utah at 125. — Ellen Fagg Weist, editor is an initiative developed by the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts with support from the Governor’s Office and the Utah.

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