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NO FEE Submission call + editor interview – The Q&A Queerzine, DEADLINE: April 30, 2022

The Q&A Queerzine is a new, biannual online zine founded during the pandemic with a staff lgbtq+ writers and visual artists. They are currently open to no fee submissions of Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Artwork, Hybrid for their next issue. For more information see my interview with Co-Founder Christina Giska and a link to submission guidelines below.

HOPKINSON: Tell me a little bit about The Q&A Queerzine. 

GISKA: We started the zine during Covid times, and published our first issue in December of 2021. We’re a small zine staffed by queer people for queer people. 

HOPKINSON: How/why was The Q&A Queerzine originally started? 

GISKA: Cloe and I are the Co-Founders, but Clo is the one who came up with the idea. They felt like there wasn’t much of a queer presence on campus specifically, but also in general. She asked if I wanted to help them start it up, since she knew I was also queer and interested in writing. We got our professor Dr. Guzman to help guide us, and the rest if history. 

HOPKINSON: Who is your target reader audience? 

GISKA: Is it too obvious to say other queer people and their allies? But honestly, anyone who wants to experience queer art is welcome. 

HOPKINSON: What type of work are you looking for? 

GISKA: We accept anything, as long as it was written and/or drawn by someone LGBTQ+. 

HOPKINSON: What do you wish you’d see submitted, but rarely comes in? 

GISKA: Very few prose pieces have come in, and I’d love to see some more. I’m personally more of a prose person, and I’d love to publish it in The Q&A

HOPKINSON: What are some of your favorite lit mags/journals?

GISKA: I’ve recently gotten into Stone of Madness Press! And I know my Co-Founder Cloe adores beestung.

HOPKINSON: What is your favorite part of being on staff with The Q&A Queerzine?

GISKA: I love watching the zine become something from nothing. I love that our team got to work on everything and plan everything out, and we got to see our plan become a reality. It kind of feels unreal when I think about it for too long. 

HOPKINSON: Where can we send submissions? 

GISKA: Email The rules are on our submission page! 

HOPKINSON: If someone has a question, how can they contact you? 

GISKA: You can email any questions to We check fairly often, and you should get a response within a couple days! 

Click here to read submission guidelines.

  • THEME(S): While not a theme in the formal sense, we are only looking to publish from authors who identify under the queer umbrella/as LGBTQ+. 
  • FORMAT: Online
  • PAYMENT: None
  • ISSUE FREQUENCY: Twice a year
  • AVERAGE RESPONSE TIME: Responses will come roughly 1 month after the deadline
  • SUBMISSION METHOD: Email submissions to
  • FORMS: Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Artwork, Hybrid
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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