A Poet Searches for 'Sex' in the Salt Lake Tribune

My sense is this panel is slightly more
politically conservative--
inappropriate for me to import my personal views,
concisely, precisely, and meticulously.
Very clearly, the distinction
between the role of a writer,
erodes respect for the
extremely conservative.
You don’t want us distracted from the merits by missing verbs, misspelled names, incorrect citations, improper grammar or sentences that run for pages.
Pet peeves should play
no role in deciding.
All I want to do is touch you,
at all costs.


–Originally printed in “Provo writer waxes poetic with words from Salt Lake Tribune stories.”  The Salt Lake Tribune, 30 April, 2014. Print and online.


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Found Poem Source

Hamburger, Jay. “Vandalized art undergoes restoration.” The Salt Lake Tribune 1 April 2014: e-edition.

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