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How to Write Lost and Found Poems and Equations – guest post by Rob Carney

Most sequels aren’t better than (or even as good as) the first of something, I agree. But re-inventions very well might be. For instance, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies are better the two by Tim Burton, and if you don’t like the reboot of the Star Trek movies […]

How to Update Fairy Tales – guest post by Rob Carney

Think about some wrong things being pointed out in fairy tales, then think about similar wrong things in our own time and place, and match them up. I’m suggesting this exercise for three reasons: First, because I hear a lot of people hoping for a “fairy-tale ending,” and […]

How to Surprise in Poetry – guest post by Rob Carney

Recently an interviewer asked me about how I use the element of surprise in my poems. You can check it out, scan down, and read her whole question and my answer if you’d like to, but right now I want to tell you what I didn’t say. The […]

“Dear World Outside the United States” essays, poems by Rob Carney + writing prompt

Rob Carney is known for his origin story poems, poems of the Northwest, and talking about myths and progress in his essays and poems, which have often been featured on Terrain.org and other publications. Recently, two more of his current-event themed essays and corresponding poems have been published […]

Don’t miss Terrain.org guest blog post and poetry by Rob Carney

I may be a bit biased (because I’ve sat in on his classes and enjoyed his performance poetry for years), but Rob Carney’s recent guest blog post Trigonometry discussing poetry, nature, and myth is not to be missed. It’s poetic in and of itself and will give you […]

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