Call for Submissions

Calls for Submissions – Deadlines 12/31/14 (paying, non-paying, and free contests)


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Berfrois – Poetry Prize


DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

“Between now and 11:59:59 pm GMT on Sunday December 31, 2014, poets may submit to  Berfrois, using its online submission manager, a single, original, poem in English which is not a translation, but may be in any mode or form, up to 300 lines.”

The Society of Classical Poets – 2015 Poetry Competition


DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

PRIZES: $500 & several $100

“Submit three to five poems, each of which does not exceed 50 lines. Please indicate if you are in high school so that you can qualify for the high school prize. The poems must be within the four themes used by the Society (at least one poem must be in the Falun Dafa theme or about the plight of the Chinese people under communism in general).”

Monkey Star Press  is putting together two new anthologies


DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

PAYMENT: $25 – $200

“We are looking for content for two mom lit anthologies about 1) tantrums and babysitters, and 2) moms, children, and lack of sleep.”

Note, the deadline is coming up on December 31, 2014 to submit your “personal essay, creative non fiction, flash memoir, and non-essay content including poems, lists, top ten, dos and don'ts, humor or inspirational, up to 2000 words.”

"COMPENSATION: One to two free  paperback copies of the anthology and compensation  ranging from  $25 to $200 (to be paid  after publication  based on a payment structure that is explained and outlined in the contract that you sign)."

Futurepoem is reading poetry manuscripts in the month of December

CATEGORY: Poetry Manuscript

DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

Their article by editor Dan Machlin  in an article by American Book Review  describes their philosophy, “Futurepoem is not small because we can’t. Futurepoem is small because we can. We embrace small. We draw strength from it. Our smallness empowers us to bring great care to the books that we publish and to the process that we use to select those books. Our smallness allows us to remain at a level of detail and consideration, which, were we significantly larger, would simply be impossible to maintain.”


CATEGORY: Non-paying Market

DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

Submissions Open: Currently open until December 31 for Issue #15 – Travelogue; open until March 21, 2015 for Issue #16 – He Said/She Said

Accepts: visual and audio art, poetry, literature, as well as essays, non-fiction, screenplays, collaborations and even letters home

Duotrope Listing  – Want more insight into the editors’ preferences? Read the Duotrope  interview with the editor(s).

Silver Birch Press: I am Waiting Series

CATEGORY: Non-paying Market

DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

"Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 96th birthday rolls around on March 24, 2015. Let's get a head start on celebrating this iconic author's nativity by paying homage to his classic poem "I Am Waiting," which first appeared in A Coney Island of the Mind -- Ferlinghetti's 1958 collection that, with over a million copies in print, is one of the most popular books of poetry ever published."

"PROMPT: The trigger for poems in this series is "waiting." What are you waiting for? Christmas? A new job? New home? New baby? Happiness? A trip? Godot? Whatever you're waiting for, memorialize it in your "I Am Waiting" poem. If we get enough submissions, we'll create a book of the poems as a big, beautiful birthday card for Mr. Ferlinghetti."

Silver Birch Press: Alice in Wonderland Anthology

CATEGORY: Non-paying Market

DEADLINE: 12/31/2014

"November 26, 2015 will mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll -- one of the most influential books ever written (for children or adults). To celebrate the occasion, we're planning ahead -- and getting started with the Silver Birch Press Alice in Wonderland Anthology, a collection of poetry, prose, art, collage, photography, and other work that celebrates this deep and delightful book."

"WHAT: Poetry, prose, paintings, drawings, photographs, and other work inspired by Alice in Wonderland."

carte blanche is accepting submissions until January 1, 2015


DEADLINE: 1/1/2015

PAYMENT: Modest Honorarium

Payment: “carte blanche  pays a modest honorarium per submission. We hope to increase the amount in the future.”

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