FREE spoken word album by RJ Walker

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Anatomy of an Overdose "contains 13 poems detailing an EMT’s experience with overdose victims. Each poem is specific to the drug the victim took. This book of poetry is as entertaining as it is haunting. Free album track with purchase. Featuring the cover art of Chris Bodily."

RJ Walker packs emotion into each recitation with the voice of a practiced, performance poet--both strained and quiet, both believable and engaging.

Specifically, "A Type of Sugar" has a notable sense of place, with references to the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch mountains and includes uniquely original imagery--"the whiskey heart of a thousand suicide butterflies," while "The Heroin" is a wild ride of metaphor from ballerina to addict.

Each track plays with well-selected background music, from blues artists such as Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell to Beethoven's Fur Elise.

According to RJ’s bandcamp page  and Facebook page: RJ Walker is a Professional Presenter and Spoken Word artist on Salt Lake City, Utah. “What’s a spoken word artist?” you maybe thinking. Well, RJ Walker is proficient in multiple mediums of spoken word. Voice Over, Voice Acting, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Stand-Up Comedy, Performance (slam) Poetry. He also has experience as a Pitch Artist, and Product Demonstrator.

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