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Ah, Cover Letters: Do They Even Really Matter? | The Review Review

This is an informative article with several editor’s responses on whether or not cover letters matter, if they read them or not, and how they affect the reading process.
How do you approach cover letters in your submissions? Have you ever received any feedback, positive or negative, specifically on your cover letter or bio? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Personally, I follow guidelines carefully and make sure to include a cover letter when asked and to only include the information requested. I would hate to be rejected on a technicality and I think most editors are going to be different and have their own pet peeves. My bio is short and includes a few of my publications and just one personal fact to help describe who I am. I keep several versions of my bio to make sure I can easily meet word length restrictions. I am finding more and more journals/lit mags request a short bio and don’t want cover letters, but I have templates I use for both so it’s easy to get my submissions done quickly. One thing I’d recommend–show how well you have read/researched the market and address any cover letter to the editor by name. Just make sure to get it right!
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Ah, Cover Letters: Do They Even Really Matter? | The Review Review.


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  1. I think presentation is one of the most important things (second to the writing, of course) when submitting work. Before I started Dink Press I didn’t quite understand how important cover letter were. They tell more about you than any bio could.

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