Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions – Degenerates: Voices for Peace anthology

This call is for the second issue of Degenerates: Voices for Peace. You can purchase the first anthology in print or read it for free here  and includes my poem “Breast-giver” on page 33. The editor is a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to submitting again. I received a printed copy as payment, with beautiful art on the cover that I’m proud to display  with my other publications.

Note: Accepts reprints, as long as the author retains rights.

Deadline: March 6, 2015

According to their site: “The purpose of the project is to awaken, enlighten and maybe even provide a bit of shelter to those who need it. Poetry has some immense power in the world, either through healing its readers or inspiring them to become involved. We're looking for Poetry, Photography, Artwork, Prose Poetry, etc with passion. We need to be able to feel and experience your work. There is a wealth of social justice and other topics that we are looking at to put this anthology together. Things such as: Bullying, sexuality, Homelessness, Free Speech, Animal Rights, Rape Culture, and much more. Artwork and written work does not have to be strictly political but must address something that would be a voice for peace.”

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Click here to read their submission guidelines carefully and then submit your best work.  


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