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I recently co-founded a local poetry workshop group: Rock Canyon Poets. We meet a couple of times a month to do poetry readings and to workshop our poems. Even though we meet in person, we really wanted a way to share poetry online, offer feedback, and communicate. I came across WetInk in a Rooster Moans online class and contacted them to see if it would be a good fit for our group. The folks at WetInk are very supportive of writing communities and worked with me to set up just what we needed for super cheap! It took me about an hour total to get setup. The site is easy to use and they will walk you through anything you need help with.

So now Rock Canyon Poets has it’s very own private poetry community, where we can workshop our poems, provide feedback, and post writing challenges, play exquisite corpse, etc. I’ll be posting more about how to setup your own local poetry group in the future, but for now, if you have any questions about how we set ours up, feel free to contact me or comment below.

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Here’s some more info on WetInk. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments here, or send contact WetInk directly.

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WetInk is a new online service for anyone who conducts writing workshops or runs a writing community. We built WetInk ground-up with a single purpose–to simplify and supercharge the experience of writing classes and writing communities. Essentially, WetInk is a solution for people who own or run:

  • In person writing workshops
  • Online writing workshops/classes
  • Any writing community, even if there are no classes.

Writing Workshops and Classes

To conduct or help support writing classes people currently use large scale MOOC systems and bloated LMS systems or cobble together a solution using online forum services. All of these solutions are generic, bloated, hard to manage to the workflow for a writing workshop and you have to constantly fight to keep your classes running smoothly.

WetInk really shines in this area. If you offer writing classes; either in-person or completely online, you can use WetInk as your online platform to support and conduct your classes. Each ongoing class gets its own private area which is separate from your community. A class at WetInk embodies well understood workflows for writing workshops: like assignment submissions and critiquing work of fellow students, class discussions, interactive and rich lesson content etc. WetInk dramatically reduces administrative overhead of running classes and makes the experience pleasurable for a whole community.

Private Writing Communities

Writing is cathartic and therapeutic on one end and incredibly hard on the other to do consistently. There are communities of writers everywhere who get together to partake in their love for it. However generic online groups and forums are simply inadequate for the kind of environment that creative writing thrives in.

WetInk is built for creative writing. It gives writing communities a private space woven with writing activities so that these communities can flourish and create stronger connections around writing. People can share their works, issue writing challenges, play writing games like exquisite corpse. WetInk offers deep and unique interactions like selecting text on written pieces to talk about just that bit, and many other of ways to enrich communication around writing.

For more details see http://wetink.in

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