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Journals that Review Books of Poetry

Great article by Becky Tuch founding editor of  The Review Review, which is a valuable resource for detailed reviews of many others publications, as well as access to calls for submissions and other writer resources.

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Journals That Review Poetry

“So, for all of you hustling, searching, hard-working poets out there, here is a list of journals that review poetry, with information from their websites. If you know of any other journals, feel free to add to the list. And good luck!”

The list includes twelve journals that will review poetry books and her readers are already responding in the comments with others.

Why would you want your chapbook/book of poems reviewed? It’s a great way to get the word out to help market your work. For more information, Becky also recommends an article in Publisher’s Weekly by Craig Teicher:

What Poetry Reviews Are For (and Up Against)


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