Need a project or writing prompts for National Poetry Month in April?

Still plenty of time to get in on poetry month! Lots of links to great writing prompts and other projects for April…

Trish Hopkinson

It’s not too late to make a plan for poetry month! Whether you want to sign up to write a poem a day or unofficially just plan to crank out some poetry in April, there are plenty of prompts and resources to keep you going strong all month. And that’s not all that’s going on either. Here’s a list of even more National Poetry Month happenings.


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Tiferet Journal is sponsoring a Poem-A-Thon

“All participating poets will receive a FREE copy of Diane Lockward’s The Crafty Poet and a FREE digital subscription to Tiferet upon meeting your sponsorship goal.”

There’s no fee to join, but they do ask that you commit to finding friends and family to sponsor your writing (suggested goal is $100). They will help provide promotional text you…

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