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Paying Call for Submissions: Two New Mom Lit Anthologies from Monkey Star Press

Monkey Star Press is putting together two new anthologies: “We are looking for content for two mom lit anthologies about 1) body image and motherhood (My Mom Body: Reflections on Body Image and Motherhood), and 2) raising a special needs child (My Special Needs Child: Reflections on Raising a Child With Special Needs).”

Note, the deadline is coming up on June 1, 2015 to submit your “personal essay, creative non fiction, flash memoir, and non-essay content including poems, lists, top ten, dos and don'ts, humor or inspirational, up to 2000 words.


DEADLINE: June 1, 2015

PAYMENT: One free paperback copy of the anthology and compensation ranging from $25 to $200 (to be paid after publication based on a payment structure that is explained and outlined in the contract and payment terms doc that you sign).


  • Must be told in the POV of a mom (point of view). We will consider some stories told by the POV of the husband or partner.
  • Previously published work is ok.
  • The anthologies will be available on, book stores, libraries, and on Kindle. Monkey Star Press has a distribution partnership with Ingram (through Lightning Source), so their books can be sold in bookstores, big box stores, and any where else books are sold, including Australia and Europe. Also, each of their books has/will have a Library of Congress number so libraries can order and carry their books easily.

Click here to see their call for submissions with guidelines.

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