PoetryNow: New Broadcast and Podcast Series Showcases Contemporary Poets #NaPoMo

Poetry Now is a new series from the Poetry Foundation. The audio recordings provide an introduction to the featured poet, commentary from the poet regarding the poem, and then a reading of the poem. They have quite a lineup, including Jamaal May, Rae Armantrout, and Wendy Xu.

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Click here for a complete listing of scheduled poets

According to the press release: “the recordings will be delivered as a twice-weekly series through the Foundation’s Poem of the Day, a daily subscription email, and as a podcast on poetryfoundation.org. PoetryNow will also air regularly on 98.7WFMT on Friday evenings and, through syndication, on radio stations throughout the United States and internationally.”

Click here for a complete listing of the Poetry Foundation’s audio and podcasts


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